A New Quality Benchmark: LR Type Approval Certification

The K Tank is the only flexitank to earn a Certificate of Type Approval by Lloyd's Register (LR), the premier independent technical inspection and advisory organization. The certification is based on K Tank specifications and ensures uniform production standards, creating new quality and safety benchmarks for the flexitank industry. K Tank Supply Limited (KTSL) maintains stringent quality control over manufacturing through its authorized manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom and (in 2004) China.

KTSL Quality Assurance Program

KTSL demonstrates its commitment to the very highest manufacturing standards through its Quality Assurance Program (QAP) -- a comprehensive process approved by Lloyd's Register covering production methods, inspection and testing, quality control and workmanship. Regular and systematic on-site audits performed jointly by KTSL and LR ensure that all quality control procedures conform to agreed specifications.

Patented design for maximum performance

KTSL has exclusive rights to utilize the blown film technology for producing the ultra-safe seamless tube that is the hallmark of every K Tank. Our advanced process co-extrudes multiple layers of ethylene co-polymers into one liner for unsurpassed durability. This unique blown film technology eliminates longitudinal seams, significantly decreasing the potential for incidents. The result is high quality bulk transport that's safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
KTSL is the sole proprietor and distributor of the patented technology to produce the K Tank (GB Patent Number 2 360 816).

So advanced, it's simple ... and cost-effective!

Add up the transport costs for drums or other packaging alternatives, and the versatile K Tank clearly emerges as the cost-effective choice. With a capacity between 16,000 and 24,000 fluid liters, the K Tank provides a broader range of handling capabilities, a higher payload volume, and a lower transport cost per liter than traditional packaging options.

Protects the environment ... fully recyclable

From production to utilization to waste management, the K Tank is kinder to the environment than traditional PVC, PU or rubber flexitanks. Unlike flexitanks made from composite materials, the K Tank conserves resources by being fully recyclable and will not emit toxic fumes if incinerated.

A new, clean tank every time ...food grade approved!
  The K Tank disposable "one-way" system provides straight-from-the-manufacturer cleanliness, eliminating the need for internal sanitizing that can compromise purity or safety. The K Tank meets FDA and EC criteria and has been approved for food grade transport.

Product Acceptance